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How does safety glass work?

Automakers began using laminated safety glass, also known as auto glass, for automobile windshields in 1927. To make laminated safety glass,

What is Safety Glass?

Safety glass is a type of glass which is designed to resist breaking, and to break in a way which

Recognizing Safety Glasses?

Lenses: The Canadian Standards Association (CSA)-certified safety glasses have plastic polycarbonate lenses. They are stronger than regular lenses, are

Plastic or Polycarbonate?

The "standard plastic" lenses in safety glasses are often called "Hard Resin", "CR-39 plastic", or just "plastic" lenses. CR-39®

Glass Calculator Tool

This tool can help users estimate stress and deflection behavior of glass laminates. Interactions include the ability to compare

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HBR Malaysian Safety Glass Sdn. Bhd is Malaysian leading flat and curved glass processing company, creating numerous types of glass products for various sectors and implementing some of the most advanced technologies available today. Since 1996, we have been providing international clients with a wide range of top tier products for numerous industries and applications, positioning us as the country's leading glass processing, marketing and exporting company.